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An important part of the education and training at the reactor is the knowledge, which can be kept and presented in various forms. During the reactor operation a huge amount of media, concerning books, lecture notes, videos and photos, have been introduced. The media is constantly improved to give the audience the most recent information, reflecting the experience over past decades.

In 2013 the department started its youtube channel, where the videos documenting important activities are presented. You can always access the channel through the youtube icon in navigation bar in the top right corner or use this link.

The year 2015 was important for the whole nuclear industry and related fields in the Czech Republic. The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering celebrated 60 years anniversary together with 25th anniversary of the VR-1 reactor. To commemorate this milestone a book and documentary reporting the life of the reactor from the first decision to the most recent operation was created, both in Czech and English.