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The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE) was established in 1955, and at that time its primary mission was to train new experts with a strong theoretical background for the emerging Czechoslovak nuclear programme. Gradually, however, its responsibilities were extended to cover a wider scope of fields and courses in mathematics, physics and chemistry so that, in keeping with its tradition, it can now offer excellent education with a personal approach to students' tuition. It also provides barrier-free access to its premises and up-to-date technology and teaching equipment for the visually impaired.

As part of the academic programmes, students are involved in the activities of the departments and scientific teams, will master two foreign languages, and familiarise themselves with advanced computer technology and thus, in addition, quickly orient themselves as to interdisciplinary concerns. Many students can also join university programmes abroad. The graduates are thus perfectly prepared for the specialized occupational tasks required to embark on a successful career.

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