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The Department has a long-standing association with partners in Europe, America, Asia andAfrica (e.g., Commissariat a l´Energie atomique in France; University of Tennessee, College of Engineering in the USA; Kyoto University Research Institute, Kyoto University, Kumatori in Japan; Centre national de l´Energie, des Sciences et des Techniques nucléaires in Rabat in Morocco; Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research in Safat in Kuwait; Malaysian Nuclear Agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and BATAN Indonesian National Nuclear Agency in Yogyakarta in Indonesia). Bilateral agreements on reactor usage have been concluded with four countries –Slovakia, Kuwait, Japan and Morocco.

The Reactor cooperates with other research infrastructures, e.g. with research reactor TRIGA, Atominstitut, Vienna University of Technology in Austria; research reactor BRR, KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute in Hungary; research reactor MARIA in the Institute of Atomic Energy in Poland; research reactor KUCA – Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute in Japan; research reactor ISIS, Commissariat a l´Energie atomique in France or research reactor PUSPATI TRIGA REACTOR, Malaysian Nuclear Agency in Malaysia. From cooperation with industrial partners it is worth mentioning Slovak Electrical Power Plants, a.s., and VÚJE a.s., from Slovakia; TECNATOM s.a. in Spain or VTT in Finland.