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Latest papers:

  • Effect of kinetics parameters on transients calculations in external source driven subcritical VR-1 reactor (PAPER) 2019
  • Characterization of mixed N/G beam of the VR-1 reactor (PAPER) 2018
  • Analysis of a small-scale reactor core with PARCS/Serpent (PAPER) 2018
  • Activation analysis of Tibetan coins and thermal neutron flux measurement at the VR-1 training reactor (PAPER) 2018
  • Manual control during reactivity transients at the VR-1 reactor - I. Disturbance rejection (PAPER) 2017
  • Study of dietary supplements compositions by neutron activation analysis at the VR-1 training reactor (PAPER) 2017
  • Neutron imaging on the VR-1 reactor (PAPER) 2017
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