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The training is aimed mainly at professionals from nuclear field. These comprise the nuclear reactor operators, regulatory body officers and other related positions. Tailor-made training courses preparing experts for the Czech nuclear programme are offered at the Reactor as a part of regular training of nuclear power plant staff. Future operators and reactor physicists of nuclear power plants attend 3 or 5-day crash courses focused on practical applications in reactor physics.

The Department of Nuclear Reactors offered special training courses for employees of the national regulatory body to reach a higher qualification degree. The course included not only practical training, but also theoretical instruction in nuclear engineering, radiation protection, emergency planning, physical protection, guarantees, pedagogy and psychology courses, and an introduction to law. Teaching materials and methods were tailor-made for this course. The reactor participated in several EERRI (Eastern European Research Reactor Initiative) courses. Its objective is to assist IAEA Member States building nuclear competence and providing hands-on training for young professionals on operating reactors. The course helps develop the necessary skills and background to carry out activities related to planning, evaluating, development, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of research reactors and more generally will familiarize young professionals with all aspects connected to nuclear reactors. The quality of this course was endorsed by an international award won in 2013.

The regular users of the reactor are namely: ČEZ group (training of the nuclear power plant staff, Czechia), SE/ENEL (training of the nuclear power plant staff, Slovakia). Furthermore there are several non-regular users comprising SÚJB (czech regulatory body), KISR (Kuwait) and IAEA.